Participants will learn how to import, visualize and analyse their data using R scripting. The first day will start with two basic sections devoted to R programming and statistics. These sections are optional for students, who are already familiar with R. We will learn how to load and transform biological data in R and calculate basic statistical metrics. Second day will be devoted to testing statistical hypotheses, linear modelling and ANOVA. Finally, more advanced topics will be touched in the third day: clustering and classification, survival analysis, gene expression analysis (for both microarray and RNA-seq) and analysis of enriched functions.

NOTE: The previous version of the course is avalable here.

Place & Date

  • Campus Belval, Maison du Savoir, Room 2.200, see map
  • 9:00-13:00 & 14:00-18:00, three full days 29-31 May, 2017
  • by Dr. Petr Nazarov, under supervision of Prof. Serge Haan and support of Magali Gulliaume


In order to receive ECTS credits please prepare the Report on the Final Task


The materials of the course are freely available online. See top menu to navigate by topics.

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  1. Introduction to R

  2. Basic statistics

  3. Linear models (ANOVA, linear regression)

  4. Classification, PCA and clustering

  5. Survival analysis

  6. Data analysis in transcriptomics