Introduction to R


This training session provides a kick-start for those, who are interested in using R-language for the analysis and manipulation of their experimental data. We shall start with basic R programing, see how to load and transform biological data in R. Some basic statistical methods will be considered.

Place & Date

  • Room McClintock, BAM I, LIH
  • 9:00, 10-11 May, 2017
  • by Petr Nazarov, with a support of Malou Fraiture and Maki Otsuka


The materials of the course are freely available online.

Presentation Data

See top menu to navigate by topics:

  1. Installations and basic operations

  2. Variables and their classes

  3. Import and export of data

  4. Control workflow and custom functions

  5. Data visualization

  6. Desctiptive statistics *

  7. Statistical tests *

  8. Linar models (ANOVA, linear regression) *

  9. Clustering and PCA *

(*) optional