Basic R for Transcriptomics


This training session provides a kick-start opportunity for researchers who are interested in using R-language for the analysis of transcriptomics data. First, we shall fast review basic R programming, see how to load and explore gene expression data in R and extract/visualise the significant genes. Next, the participants will complete a guided practical exercise. At the end of this course, participants are expected to have acquired practical skills in basic transcriptomics data analysis. Although the course is suitable to a diverse audience, including those with basic R knowledge, we highly recommend that registered participants review (before the session) sessions 1-3 of last year’s course given by PN in the frame of the Training & Workshops series:

Place & Date

  • Salles Louis Pasteur & Marie Curie, Edison, LIH
  • 13:00, the 5th March, 2018
  • by Petr Nazarov, Arnaud Muller, Tony Kaoma


The materials of the course are freely available online.


See top menu to navigate by topics:

  1. Data import and export

  2. Basic data visualization

  3. Exploratory analysis

  4. Differential gene expression analysis