Introduction to R
LuciLinx-2011 Workshop
17-10-2011, Luxembourg
  • Presentation part I
  • Presentation part II
  • R Reference card
  • Tasks

  • Colored Scripts in PDF
  • script-3
  • script-4
  • script-5
  • script-6
  • script-7
  • script-8
  • script-9
  • script-10
  • script-11
  • script-12
  • task solutions

  • DATA
    SCRIPTS as *.r files

  • Official R Webpage
  • One more R Reference Card (by T.Short)
  • Several free books

  • Leaded by Petr NAZAROV

    Performed at room 0.11, Batiment des Sciences, Campus Limpertsberg, University of Luxembourg (map)

    This course provides the kick-start for those, who are interested in using R-language for the analysis and manipulation of their experimental data. We start from the basic expressions and will go through the topics up to multivariate ANOVA. The workshop will be separated into two sessions: the first one oriented on the basics on R programming and the second, oriented on statistical data analysis with R. Many examples with mostly biological orientation will be given during the workshop. Participants are encouraged but not obliged to bring their own laptops. 16 PC are provided by the University of Luxembourg.

    The lecture covers the following topics:

          What is R? Where to find relevant manuals, books, etc?
          Data types and basic operations
          Data import and export
          Basic statistical analysis
          Linear models for data analysis
          Multivariate analysis
          Principal component and cluster analysis

          Luxembourg Bioinformatics Network LuciLinx:
          Dr. Petr NAZAROV
             Microarray Center, CRP-Sante, Luxembourg

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